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Replay Fedora in Milan

14 March 2017

Replay Fedora is a contest for designers organized by Axo Light and CTK Lighting Technical Company in Russia in 2016.

The main idea of the contest was a creation of various design and concept solutions for one of Axo Light well-known collectionS – Fedora.

Fedora collection was designed by Dima Loginoff and introduced by Axo light on Euroluce 2015.

The jury of Replay Fedora contest included the following expert: Sebastiano Fregogna, Axo light commercial director; Ksenia Bandorina, designer and professor of Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and Dima Loginoff, product designer.  

Professional designers and decorators were invited as participants of the contest. From 87 concepts received from Russian designers the jury has chosen 3 best works. On the 30th of June 2016 visitors of Replay Fedora Event held in Podium showroom in St. Petersburg voted for the best works. 


Replay Fedora’ best works 


Replay Fedora contest, winner

Name: Superfedor

The concept is based on a sculptural and architect volume received by the adding of different details and elements close by its style, form, lines and silhouette to the original Fedora concept. The additional elements are stringed on wire like on a central axis and all the action and story play over it. Exactly this idea gives the opportunity to receive completely another art object that is different from the original one by its form and content.

Redesign: Petr Sergeev, architect

Contacts: www.peter_sergeev.houzz.ru


Replay Fedora contest, 2nd place

Name: Fedora a la koko

Different concepts are intertwined in this work: gold, domes, kokoshnik. Kokoshnik is a traditional Russian headdress worn by women and girls to accompany the sarafan, primarily worn in the northern regions of Russia in the 16th to 19th centuries. Adding just one constructive element has allowed to change the plafond of Fedora and add some new meanings to this concept.

Redesign: Vladimir Ivanov, architect and product designer

Contacts: www.ivanov-design.com


Replay Fedora contest, 3rd place 

Name: Re-Vision

Paint and metal are mobile transformable substances, animating the static form of an industrial product. This is a kind of game, which makes each product absolutely unique.

Redesign: Agents-Studio (Pavel Kulakov and Olga Romes), interior designers

Contacts: www.agents-studio.com



FedoraStars gallery

During Replay Fedora Event there was also an opening of FedoraStars Exhibition, which represents different art solutions for Fedora single suspension lamp provided by 10 famous St. Petersburg designers (out of competition). 

A variety of design ideas and concepts included to the FedoraStars exhibition characterizes a unique vision of Russian architects and designers that combines a respect for the traditions and innovative perspectives on design. 


Name: The sound of bells

The form of Matryoshka (Russian doll) gives wide opportunities for a creative search as an excellent source for an inspiration. The concept of the original Fedora lamp as itself makes to think about Russian culture and art. The designers decided to choose for their Replay Fedora a design of Imperial Porcelain Manufacture that is famous all over the world and recognized as a Russian Imperial style.

Redesign: Mikhail Zhilin, Nikolay Zhilin and Oleg Privalov, interior designers

Contacts: www.zhilins.ru


Name: dynamic composition “Fedora’s Misfortune”

(Fedora is a character from a fairy tale by Korney Chukovsky)

Made of oil, tube and gold.

Fedora is a character from a fairy tale by Korney Chukovsky. In the Russian literary tradition Fedora is symbol of diligence, hope and inevitability of a happiness. The dynamic composition “Fedora’s Misfortune” represents here the absence of future for abundance and self-sufficiency of the life process.

Redesign: XY Studio, interior designers

Contacts: www.xy.spb.ru


Name: KhoKhloDora

Authors of this exhibit made an attempt to combine old Russian design with contemporary forms. Khokhloma is an ancient Russian folk craft, born in the XVII century in the district of Nizhny Novgorod. Khokhloma is a decorative painting of wooden utensils and furniture, made in red, green and golden tones on a black background.

Redesign: Novikov Konstantin and architectural bureau Yudin & Novikov, architects

Contacts: www.architect-un.ru/eng/


Name: Fluffy

By the idea of the author, under a warm fur coat there is a gentle crystal soul of Fedora. Combination of different materials like fur and glass gives a new emotion to the well-known design of Fedora.

Redesign: Olga Podolskaya, interior designer

Contacts: www.olgapodolskaya.com


Name: Black & Light

The author of this composition is a fashion designer Ianis  Chamalidy who is creating his collections with a big respect to the black color. Black butterflies on the Fedora plafond symbolize a transformation of the black when the light is coming.  

Redesign: Ianis  Chamalidy, fashion designer 

Contacts: www.ianischamalidy.com



Name: Fedora Ballet

Russian ballet is well-known all over the world as a part of Russian national culture. The author of the exhibit found a way to unite Odetta and Odillia in the one art object. These 2 characters divided by the infinity of the mirror and at the same time connected by the life-affirming red pointe under the light. 

RedesignAndrew Ermolinskiy, architect

Contacts: www.doma5.ru


NameVintage Fedora

Vintage lines and golden color gives to the Fedora plafond the new finishing and new inspiration.

Redesign: Djenni Yasnets, interior designer

Contacts: www.artspice.ru/eng/


Name: The birds of Paradise 

Kirill Ovchinnikov is an Russian artist and designer who combined in its woks the high art and design. For the Replay Fedora Kirill used his brand images, adding to the composition his silk scarf. 

Redesign: Kirill Ovchinnikov, fashion designer

Contacts: www.ko-gallery.com


Name: New hairstyle

The author of this Replay Fedora version wanted to went away from the concept of lightning product and bring to Fedora to a new sphere: "Fedora is a full-fledged product and I was afraid to spoil it. I had to find a new function in a recognizable form. So, I made a new hairstyle. " (Eugeny Neimand)

Redesign: Eugeny Neimand, architect

Contacts: www.neymanddesign.com


Name: White angel

White angel from Fullhousedesign studio presents an idea of a combination between artificial light and pure light of an Angel. So, wings added to the concept as an additional constructive element give a realization of this idea of the combination. 

Redesign: Fullhousedesign (Pavel Ivanov and Maria Ivanovа- Sorokina), architect buro

Contacts: www.fullhousedesign.ru


Name: Data_noise

The unique identity and the value of this exhibit connected with the fact that designer Dima Loginoff, the author of Fedora collection, joined to the Project “FedoraStars” and prepared his second vision of Fedora collection. The print for the Replay Fedora plafond was inspired by the trip to Italy that Dima had in the summertime of 2016.   

Redesign: Dima Loginoff, product designer, author of Fedora collection

Contacts: www.dimaloginoff.com



Replay Fedora Event,  30.06.16, Podium showroom, St. Petersburg

 Fotos from Replay Fedora Event:



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